About me

I am a London based photographer specialised in natural light, bespoke headshots for actors, models, creatives and corporate clients.

I believe in creating a relaxed atmosphere in which clients can thrive and play without fear of judgement to ensure they are captured in their most comfortable and confident light.

I have personally done some modeling myself and occasionally dabble in acting. I have lived in Germany, Italy, America, Switzerland and have come in contact with many different cultures and religions. I think of myself as a people person and am easy to get along with and quick to skip the small talk.

Please don’t hesitate to have a look around at my portfolio and if you don’t feel you have not found what you are looking for we can start a conversation about accommodating your needs.  



I believe in the way you would be seen in a normal day to day setting where you are moving through light where shadows exist and give form. I use natural light to get honest, flattering portraits with no big lighting setup. So daytime shoots only.

Relaxed, fun and flexible - Professional yet personal



General changes to exposure, sharpening, and colour tone settings.

Get rid of anything like temporary spots and blemishes , soften bags under the eyes, and smooth out the skin for an all around clean look.  



  1. Contact Sheet or Preview Photos of 100-200 Shots sent within 24 hours
  2. You choose 4 of your favorite shots to be retouched 
  3. Receive the final edits through email or download link (We Transfer) within 10 working days 


I would advise you to download, store, and back up the images to your computer or hard drive. I usually aim to keep your unedited preview photos and final edits on my system for at least a year, so if anything goes wrong, I can always send them again. The final retouched high-resolution files are good to print and to submit to spotlight/imdb.

If you need shots edited in an emergency please let me know.   



Throughout our session I am looking for real natural expression. Some people are more natural in front of a camera than others and it can take some time to get a satisfactory shot. We are looking for your natural expression or effortless look which we will find and then play from there through working on small variations. If we find that there is overthinking happening we will get into a rhythm and override it. Expressions could be Cheeky charm, Icy cool, Fragility, Warmth, Strength.  



I would advise to get a few days of good sleep and at a minimum a night before hand. Eye bags can be reduced in editing but you want to look fresh bright and full of energy to capture the best of your personality.

Eat well, drink plenty of water and don't diet in the run up to your session. You want to be looking healthy and energised, starving yourself will only make you look tired. Have a good breakfast/ lunch depending on the time of your shoot.

As we are shooting outside and you feel like you might be chilly please bring layers that won't affect what you're wearing to shoot in. Consider layers since you may end up changing in public. Depending on the time of year, bring a jacket or cardigan that you can drop off your shoulders and have wrapped around you for a bit of extra warmth.   



Don't take the risk and have your haircut the day before the shoot, it could go wrong and we'd be wasting our time! Give it time to settle in and learn how to style it to look its best.

Think about the haircut you might be keeping for a long time. Casting directors will expect you to turn up to the audition looking pretty similar to what they have seen in your headshots.

Girls, bring a hairbrush with you to help tame the beast if it get's a little bit breezy and be prepared to change your parting for a couple of different looks, if you like. Bring grips, clips, and bobbles for a hair up option if you so choose - it's always handy to have.

Think about if your hair is going to blow about and if you might need to use product or hairspray to keep a style roughly in place. 

Be aware of how your hair feels and styles between washes. If you wash it the morning of the shoot, it might be too soft and difficult to style, wash too far ahead and it could look greasy. Only you will know what's best for your mop.



I think it's always best to keep makeup subtle. You're probably the expert of your own face, but maybe wear makeup that you would usually wear to a regular audition of yours. A bit of gloss or balm to keep your lips from drying out is helpful and maybe a striking colour to pop on at the end if you want to capture something a little more sassy.

Please attend to your hair and makeup before the session, otherwise you're only going to be eating away at our precious time together!


Cancellation fee
Cancellations later than three days before the shoot incur a £30 cancellation fee.



I Take a £30 deposit before the shoot and full payment before I send off the final high resolution retouched files

Paypal -Bank Transfer (BACS) -  Cash in Hand - Bitcoin